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Latest News of REMONDIS

EKO-PUNKT GmbH to cease its 'dual system' operations



REMONDIS acquires share in Högl T. E. O. GmbH

International recycling company from Lünen purchases a 49% share in Högl stepping up its commitment to energy generated from biogas


REMONDIS adopts European Company status.

The REMONDIS Group's activities have become increasingly international over the years. The management team has therefore decided to adopt a new legal status that reflects this international expansion.


Electrical and electronic equipment in the economic cycle.
After the recycling is before the recycling.


From refrigerators to multi-media equipment to computers. It's difficult to imagine a day without electric and electronic equipment. Things that are state-of-the-art today can be outdated tomorrow. Rapid technical progress is making the innovation cycles of electric and electronic products shorter and shorter. As a result, the amount of electronic waste is increasing almost every day. German private households alone dispense of about 1.1 million tonnes of WEEE every year. That amounts to 13 kilograms per German citizen. If equipment from the commercial sector is added to this, the amount of discarded equipment increases to 20 kilograms per inhabitant. As a specialist in the recycling of electrical and electronic equipment, we offer excellent solutions for WEEE of all types and quantities. Our spectrum of services covers everything from collection to dismantling and processing to feeding the raw materials gained in the process back into the economic and production cycle.


Electrical and electronic equipment contains usable recyclable material, but it also contains hazardous substances. REMONDIS Electrorecycling recovers high-quality recyclable materials and disposes of the hazardous waste in a safe and environmentally-friendly way.




Environmental protection is the law

While hazardous substances and recyclable material from waste electrical and electronic equipment used to often end up in refuse incinerators or in landfills, this practice has changed radically since the new laws and EU guidelines were introduced. A wide range of legal guidelines stipulates how electrical and electronic products that are no longer needed must be handled. The positive consequence is this: Today environmentally sound methods are used to remove hazardous substances from worn-out appliances and recyclable material is fed back into the production cycle in a systematic manner. REMONDIS has developed innovative recycling methods, uses the most efficient technology and provides maximum economic efficiency.

We complete the cycle


Rhenus Logistics, a sister company of REMONDIS, takes care of the forward logistics for many manufacturers of electronic equipment. REMONDIS Electrorecycling also takes the equipment back at the end of its production life cycle and guarantees a highly efficient recycling process that enables them to recover a large amount of high-quality raw material for producing new electr(on)ic equipment. The perfect cycle.


Worldwide references


REMONDIS Electrorecycling works for a large number of well-known companies. You can find some examples under references. We would be happy to meet with you personally to tell you about other projects.


Increasing amounts


Currently 20 to 50 million tonnes of electronic waste accumulate worldwide each year and this trend is rising due to the fact that production life cycles are becoming shorter and shorter. Experts estimate that the accumulation of this waste will continue to increase by three to five percent from year to year.

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