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REMONDIS Electrorecycling

Neumünster Dismantling Centre

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    Storage area


    Secondary raw materials / fractions


    Shredding & separation of fractions


    Conveyor belt for cooling appliances


    Storage area for input material / small electrical appliances

    REMONDIS’ dismantling centre in Neumünster specialises in dismantling discarded cooling appliances and small electronic appliances

  • REMONDIS’ dismantling centre in Neumünster focuses on treating unwanted cooling appliances as well as small electronic devices. To be able to do this, the centre operates a combined system, i.e. it can switch from one material stream to the other. Moreover, we are also able to manually dismantle display equipment and manually decontaminate large domestic appliances at our facility in the German state of Schleswig-Holstein.

Facts & Figures

REMONDIS’ dismantling centre in Neumünster
Processing capacity35,000 t/a
No. of employeesca. 25
Primarily processescooling appliances
REMONDIS Electrorecycling GmbH
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