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Legislation in Austria: the ‘EAG-VO’

  • The Elektroaltgeräte-Verordnung (‘EAG-VO’) was passed in Austria in order to implement the WEEE Directive. In addition, a central coordination and information centre – the Elektroaltgeräte Koordinierungsstelle Austria GmbH – was set up which is responsible for both the ‘EAG-VO’ and the country’s battery ordinance, ‘Batterie-VO’.

  • Politicians in Vienna set the agenda when the Austrian parliament voted in favour of the ‘EAG-VO’

  • The ‘EAG-VO’: Facts & Figures

    The ‘EAG-VO’: Facts & Figures
    Came into force on13.08.2005
    Contents when passedthe ‘EAG-VO’ was passed to help protect human health as well as to prevent the pollution of natural habitats to protect plant and animal life.
    Goalsthe aim of this legislation is to restrict the use of hazardous substances in waste electrical and electronic equipment as well as to improve and monitor the re-use and treatment of WEEE.
    Latest versionThe full text can be found on the central coordination centre’s website as well as all amendments.
  • Collection groups in Austria

    Waste electrical and electronic appliances were divided up into five separate collection and treatment groups to implement the WEEE Directive in Austria.

    • Collection group 1: large electrical appliances

      • Large domestic appliances (e.g. washing machines)
      • Automatic dispensers (e.g. drinks vending machines)

    • Collection group 2: cooling & freezing appliances

      • Fridges

    • Collection group 3: display equipment

      • IT and telecommunications equipment (e.g. computers, telephones)
      • Consumer equipment (e.g. TVs, hi-fi systems)

    • Collection group 4: small electronic appliances

      • Electrical and electronic tools (e.g. drills)
      • Toys, leisure and sports equipment (e.g. electric train sets)
      • Medical devices (e.g. dialysis equipment)
      • Monitoring and control instruments (e.g. smoke alarms, vehicle diagnostic equipment)

    • Collection group 5: high intensity discharge lamps

      • Lighting equipment (e.g. fluorescent tubes, low energy light bulbs)

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