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    1. Accreditations/Certifications  
    Certification in acc. with the ‘EfbV’ (Ordinance on Specialised Waste Management Companies) in acc. with Section 21 (4) of the ‘ElektroG’ (Federal Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act) and...

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    2. Our management team  
    Working without borders. Right across Europe Thanks to their experience of handling a wide range of projects and their know-how from implementing many – often very bespoke – solutions, the team at...

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    3. Take-Back Systems  
    Besides drawing up reports on treatment methods and recycling rates, we always guarantee the highest levels of efficiency, environmentally sound processes and the most convenient services REMONDIS...

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    4. Impressum  
    Imprint Information about our privacy policy can be found here: Privacy & Cookies Managing Directors: Georg Eicker, Gerhard Jokic, Dr. Helmut Kolba, Dr.-Ing. Torben Kraffczyk Head office: ...

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    5. The ‘DEEE’: Solutions  
    REMONDIS Electrorecycling S.A.S. Rückbauzentrum Saint Thibault ZAC des Marots, Route de l’Ecluse, BP03 10800 St. Thibault France T +33 325 416262 F +33 325 416263 Email Directions PDF REMONDIS:...

    Path: /en/national-laws/france/the-deee-solutions/

    6. Buseck  
    REMONDIS’ dismantling centre in Buseck primarily recycles cooling appliances For the most part, REMONDIS’ dismantling centre in Buseck concentrates on accepting and processing all types and sizes...

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    7. Overview  
    Our dismantling centres We place great importance on continuously improving our facilities so that the very most is made of their potential – both from an environmental and economic point of view....

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    8. Our monitoring systems  
    Transparency from start to finish Our IT solutions – developed and implemented by our own team – provide absolute transparency and speed up and simplify communications between the various parties....

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    9. Overview  
    We have been using complex technology to recover raw materials from waste electrical and electronic equipment since 1990. more It is practically impossible to imagine life without plastic – by...

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    10. Recovery  
    Besides the raw materials that we sell to our output customers, we also recover many fractions that involve high costs. Such substances include hazardous materials – such as refrigerants/blowing...

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