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    1. Troyes  
    Download certificate Troyes, our centre in the north east of France, has been awarded a certificate confirming it runs a carbon-neutral operation. To view the certificate, simply click on the link...

    Path: /en/our-technology/dismantling-centres/troyes/

    2. Neumünster  
    Processing facilities and dismantling lines at our centre in Neumünster We operate the following processing facilities and dismantling lines at our site in Neumünster. To learn more, simply click on...

    Path: /en/our-technology/dismantling-centres/neumuenster/

    3. Lünen  
    A perfect network Practically all types of WEEE can be decontaminated and dismantled at our centre in Lünen. A further advantage: this centre is located on the grounds of REMONDIS’ Lippe Plant and so...

    Path: /en/our-technology/dismantling-centres/luenen/

    4. Lodz  
    Display equipment IT equipment and small electronic appliances Large domestic appliances Sorting of batteries Processing facilities and dismantling lines at our centre in Lodz We operate...

    Path: /en/our-technology/dismantling-centres/lodz/

    5. Kematen  
    The centre in Kematen for dismantling and recycling cooling appliances is a joint venture between REMONDIS and Umweltforum Haushalt (UFH), the leading supplier of collection and recycling schemes in...

    Path: /en/our-technology/dismantling-centres/kematen/

    6. Blonie  
    REMONDIS’ dismantling centre in Blonie specialises in technology used for processing cooling appliances Large domestic appliances IT equipment Cooling appliances Display...

    Path: /en/our-technology/dismantling-centres/blonie/

    7. Berlin  
    REMONDIS’ dismantling centre in Berlin primarily recycles cooling appliances Display equipment Cooling appliances Large domestic appliances Processing facilities and dismantling lines at our...

    Path: /en/our-technology/dismantling-centres/berlin/

    8. Accreditations/Certifications  
    Certification in acc. with the ‘EfbV’ (Ordinance on Specialised Waste Management Companies) in acc. with Section 21 (4) of the ‘ElektroG’ (Federal Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act) and...

    Path: /en/library/accreditationscertifications/

    9. Impressum  
    Impressum Information about our privacy policy can be found here: Privacy & Cookies REMONDIS Electrorecycling GmbH Brunnenstr. 138 44536 Lünen Germany T +49 2306 106-507 F +49 2306 106-919...

    Path: /en/impressum/

    10. Press Room  
    Michael Schneider Press Officer T + 49 2306 106 - 515 F + 49 2306 106 - 530 Email Reliable, first-hand information Is there still some information that you have not been able to find in any of the...

    Path: /en/press-room/

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