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    1. Imprint  
    Imprint Information about our privacy policy can be found here: Privacy & Cookies Managing Directors: Gerhard Jokic, Tim Wilms, Christian Winkler Head office: Lünen Registry court: …

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    2. Our management team  
    Working without borders. Right across Europe Thanks to their experience of handling a wide range of projects and their know-how from implementing many – often very bespoke – solutions, the team at…

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    3. Accreditations/Certifications  
    Certified quality. In black & white. Signed & sealed. All of REMONDIS Electrorecycling’s branches have been certified in accordance with the regulations of the country they are located in. Our…

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    4. Press Room  
    Reliable, first-hand information Is there still some information that you have not been able to find in any of the REMONDIS press releases? Then please contact our press officer. He's happy to help…

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    5. The ‘DEEE’: Solutions  
    Collaborating with producer compliance schemes in France REMONDIS Electrorecycling provides extensive WEEE solutions in France by working closely with the following producer compliance schemes:…

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    6. Home  

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    7. Contact Us  
    Good service begins with the very first contact Do you have a question about our services? Or would you like us to send you an offer? We’re very happy to help! Simply fill out all the fields marked…

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    9. Overview  
    We are a well-established WEEE recycling specialist with a loyal customer base – thanks to our robust quality management system. more Our motivated team manages REMONDIS Electrorecycling’s…

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    10. Bespoke service concepts  
    Click here to read about our services for businesses that need raw materials Thanks to its state-of-the-art technology, REMONDIS Electrorecycling is able to recover a whole range of materials from…

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