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    1. Contact Us  
    Take the A2 motorway towards Hanover Leave the motorway at the Dortmund Nordost exit and follow the B236 heading towards Lünen At the end of the road, turn right onto the B54/B236 Turn left at the...

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    2. Impressum  
    Imprint Information about our privacy policy can be found here: Privacy & Cookies Managing Directors: Georg Eicker, Gerhard Jokic, Dr Helmut Kolba Head office: Lünen Registry court: ...

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    3. Overview  
    We are a well-established WEEE recycling specialist with a loyal customer base – thanks to our robust quality management system. more Our motivated team manages REMONDIS Electrorecycling’s...

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    4. Bespoke service concepts  
    Click here to read about our services for businesses that need raw materials Thanks to its state-of-the-art technology, REMONDIS Electrorecycling is able to recover a whole range of materials from...

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    5. Our management team  
    Managing Director REMONDIS Electrorecycling GmbH, Germany REMONDIS Electrorecycling Sp.z.o.o., Poland UFH RE-cycling GmbH, Austria Managing Director REMONDIS Electrorecycling Sp.z.o.o.,...

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    6. Quality management  
    One of our greatest priorities is making sure that we provide services that our customers can depend on at all times. To achieve this goal, we invest a great deal of time in perfecting our quality...

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    7. Overview  
    REMONDIS Electrorecycling is able to supply its customers with a wide range of important secondary raw materials as well as with diverse recyclables (separated according to type) for further...

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    8. Recycling WEEE  
    Let us help your business, too. Put us to the test! Simply give us a call and tell our experts what you need! Our engineers, technicians and customer advisors all have many years’ experience of...

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    9. Supplying materials  
    During the dismantling process, we recover hazardous waste such as refrigerants or blowing agents. These are subject to special regulations and are sent to specialist processing or disposal...

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    10. The WEEE Directive  
    The WEEE Directive: categories of electrical and electronic equipment The WEEE Directive currently differentiates between ten different categories of electrical and electronic equipment. Each...

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