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German legislation: the ‘ElektroG’

  • The ‘ElektroG’ transposes the provisions of the WEEE Directive and regulates the distribution of electrical and electronic equipment on the German market as well as the collection, treatment, recovery and environmentally sound disposal of WEEE.

  • The ‘ElektroG’: Facts & Figures

    The ‘ElektroG’: Facts & Figures
    Came into force on13.08.2005
    Contents when passedcombines the RoHS (2002/95/EC) & WEEE (2002/96/EC) Directives
    Goalsto reduce the amount of hazardous substances contained in EEE (RoHS Directive: restricted substances), to avoid and reduce volumes of WEEE by re-using the materials (recovery, collection & recycling)
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  • Collection groups as stipulated by the ‘ElektroG’

    The ‘ElektroG’ merges the ten WEEE categories listed in the WEEE Directive into five collection groups (Section 9(4) ‘ElektroG’).

    • Collection group 1: large domestic appliances, automatic dispensers

      • Large domestic appliances (e.g. washing machines)
      • Automatic dispensers (e.g. drinks vending machines)

    • Collection group 2: domestic cooling appliances

      • Fridges

    • Collection group 3: IT and telecommunications equipment, consumer equipment, display equipment (TVs and computer monitors)

      • IT and telecommunications equipment (e.g. computers, telephones)
      • Consumer equipment (e.g. TVs, hi-fi systems)

    • Collection group 4: high intensity discharge lamps

      • Lighting equipment (e.g. fluorescent tubes, low energy light bulbs)

    • Collection group 5: small domestic appliances, lighting equipment, electrical and electronic tools, toys, leisure and sports equipment, medical devices, monitoring and control instruments

      • Electrical and electronic tools (e.g. drills)
      • Toys, leisure and sports equipment (e.g. electric train sets,)
      • Medical devices (e.g. dialysis equipment)
      • Monitoring and control instruments (e.g. smoke alarms, vehicle diagnostic equipment)

    • Collection group 6: Photovoltaics

      • Solar panels

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