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Polish legislation: “Ustawa o zużytym sprzęcie
elektrycznym i elektronicznym“

  • The “Ustawa o zużytym sprzęcie elektrycznym i elektronicznym” (Law on the Collection and Treatment of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) was passed in Poland to transpose the WEEE Directive into national law.

  • The Parliament building in Warsaw – where the WEEE Directive was transposed into Polish law

  • Facts & figures: “Ustawa o zużytym sprzęcie elektrycznym i elektronicznym“

    Facts & figures
    Came into force on29.07.2005
    Contents when passedfundamental responsibilities of the producers placing EEE on the market
    Goalsto set up a collection and recycling system for WEEE
    Latest versionfull text on the Sejm’s website


The following changes were made to the Polish WEEE recycling law on 21.11.2008:

  • The term ‘producer’ was redefined: a producer is a company that places EEE on the market
  • A charge was introduced to finance environmental education measures, such as public campaigns and competitions to increase environmental awareness and promote the responsible handling of materials in line with the WEEE Directive
  • Waste treatment costs were made more transparent: retailers and wholesalers must inform their customers about the costs of collecting and recycling WEEE as well as about their WEEE collection scheme
  • The reporting periods were made longer – from every 3 months to every 6 months
  • The minimum collection rate was increased from 24% to 35% (to be achieved over a number of years)
  • Establishment of additional collection, service and WEEE collection centres
  • Collection groups in Poland

    In Poland, waste electrical and electronic equipment is divided up into ten different collection groups in keeping with the WEEE Directive.

    • Collection group 1: large domestic appliances

      • e.g. washing machines etc

    • Collection group 2: small domestic appliances

      • e.g. toasters, razors etc

    • Collection group 3: IT and communications equipment

      • e.g. computers, telephones etc

    • Collection group 4: audio-visual equipment

      • e.g. TVs, hi-fi systems etc

    • Collection group 5: lighting equipment

      • e.g. fluorescent tubes, low energy light bulbs etc

    • Collection group 6: electrical and electronic tools

      • e.g. drills, lawnmowers, saws, sewing machines, lathes etc

    • Collection group 7: toys, leisure and sports equipment

      • e.g. electric train sets, gym equipment, video games, slot machines etc

    • Collection group 8: medical devices and instruments

      • e.g. respirators, analytical equipment, freezing appliances etc

    • Collection group 9: monitoring and control instruments

      • e.g. smoke alarms, heating regulators, thermostats, measuring devices etc

    • Collection group 10: automatic dispensers

      • e.g. ticket machines, drinks vending machines etc
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