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REMONDIS Electrorecycling

The right partner – for anyone who handles WEEE

  • The extent of our customers’ obligations varies from country to country and depends on how each member state transposed the WEEE Directive into national law. However, producers, importers, exporters, vendors and local authorities as well as businesses using electrical and electronic appliances commercially all have one thing in common: they can all rely on REMONDIS Electrorecycling’s services and expertise.

  • We have devoted our business to WEEE recycling – and especially to navigating our way through the legal jungle of EU and national laws which, at the end of the day, have one and the same goal: to protect our environment and conserve our planet’s natural resources

  • Cost-effective systems

    Being an international WEEE specialist, we are able to carry out practically every single task on your behalf – from setting up and operating suitable collection and take-back schemes, to providing all necessary documentation and certificates, all the way through to recycling the discarded appliances. Moreover, to ensure the environment is protected in every way possible, we not only treat the equipment in accordance with the regulations, but also achieve recycling rates that are above and beyond the prescribed levels!

    Details about our WEEE collection and recycling services can be found in the chapter on national laws

The advantages of working with REMONDIS Electrorecycling

  • We guarantee that all processes are dealt with by central partners and that our modular services are combined and, if necessary, adapted to create an ideal package that meets your specific individual needs:

    • Clean collection and safe transport of your WEEE by approved transport firms
    • Documented acceptance and weighing of the materials
    • Careful sorting of the WEEE into the different collection or recycling groups
    • Environmentally sound decontamination and pre-shredding processes
    • Use of automatic state-of-the-art processing technology
    • Professional material flow and downstream management
    • Comprehensive reporting systems
  • Our WEEE concepts focus on providing our customers with the most convenient services and the most cost-effective solutions

Improving our business wherever we can

    • Our engineers, technicians and customer advisors all have many years’ experience of drawing up and implementing a whole range of pilot projects, take-back schemes and facility developments. No matter what their task, their aim is always to create partnerships – to work closely with their customers so they can further improve their processes. An advantage we are happy to pass on to you as this helps to give us both a competitive edge.

    • Let us help your business, too. Put us to the test! Simply give us a call and tell our experts what you need!

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