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Kematen Dismantling Centre

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    Treatment of cooling appliances: 2nd stage


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    Treatment of cooling appliances: 1st stage

    The dismantling centre in Kematen is owned by UFH RE-cycling GmbH, a joint venture between UFH Holding GmbH and REMONDIS Electrorecycling GmbH. It specialises in processing cooling appliances and operates the most modern recycling facility for cooling appliances in Austria

  • Austria’s most modern recycling plant

    • State-of-the-art technology: this modern recycling plant in Kematen is able to recover almost 95% of the materials found in the cooling appliances and return them to production cycles as secondary raw materials

    • The dismantling centre in Kematen is part of REMONDIS’ network of five business locations in Austria and specialises in recycling cooling appliances. This recycling facility is the most modern of its kind in Austria and began operations on 11 February 2009. Thanks to its professional and environmentally sound technology, it had already recycled 1 million cooling appliances by the end of September 2013. This is the equivalent of treating around 300,000 cooling appliances a year – or approx. 1,000 appliances a day.

Facts & Figures

REMONDIS’ dismantling centre in Kematen
Processing capacity16,800 t/a
No. of employeesca. 25
Primarily processescooling appliances
  • Processing facilities at our centre in Kematen

    Our Kematen site, which is situated in Lower Austria, focuses exclusively on recycling cooling appliances. To learn more about this process, simply click on the link below.

Joint venture with UFH

  • The centre in Kematen for dismantling and recycling cooling appliances is a joint venture between REMONDIS and Umweltforum Haushalt (UFH), the leading supplier of collection and recycling schemes in Austria. The two companies decided to launch their joint “UFH RE-cycling” project in 2008 to combat the growing scarcity of raw materials and help meet the increasing demand for secondary raw materials.

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