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REMONDIS Electrorecycling

Lünen Dismantling Centre

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    Manual decontamination


    Dismantling of special types of WEEE




    Separation of fractions


    Treatment of cooling appliances


    Dismantling of display equipment

    REMONDIS’ WEEE dismantling centre in Lünen is considered to be a perfect example of an efficiently run recycling business

  • A global role model

    • A great success: to date, REMONDIS has invested a total of 17 million euros in its Lünen dismantling centre – whose halls and facilities can be extended whenever needed.

Facts & Figures

REMONDIS’ dismantling centre in Lünen
Processing capacity100,000 t/a
No. of employeesca. 90
Primarily processescooling appliances and small appliances

Our dismantling centre in Lünen is proof that even the most complex of products can be broken down into their individual parts

  • A perfect network

    Practically all types of WEEE can be decontaminated and dismantled at our centre in Lünen. A further advantage: this centre is located on the grounds of REMONDIS’ Lippe Plant and so has direct connections to the other facilities there processing plastics, metals and timber. Moreover, UCL Umwelt Control is also close by and so is able to analyse our materials in its laboratories whenever necessary.

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