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REMONDIS Electrorecycling

A job for specialists

No matter whether it involves computer monitors or TVs: REMONDIS Electrorecycling helps producers of such equipment to fulfil the strict recycling standards set out in the WEEE Directive. An offer that many of our customers are happy to take us up on, as the dismantling lines handling display equipment involve a number of processes that must be carried out with the utmost of care.

  • Focusing on precision

    • Glass on the one hand, hazardous substances on the other: extra special care must be taken when dismantling display equipment to ensure the recyclable and hazardous substances are completely separated from one another. The appliances are dismantled by hand and separated into different fractions. Once the panel glass has been separated from the appliances, it is sent to special recycling facilities where it is cleaned and processed for re-use. The other hazardous and recyclable fractions recovered from the display equipment are segregated according to type and transported to special treatment plants.

    • Thanks to the high levels of expertise within the REMONDIS Group, we can guarantee that all the materials in the display equipment are treated using completely safe and legally compliant processes

REMONDIS’ dismantling centres for display equipment in Europe

  • High levels of expertise

  • Our treatment process

    • Input: display equipment, monitors, TVs
    • Treatment: manual removal of TV back panels, removal of cables, deflection units, CRTs etc., storage of the dismantled fractions, fractions are sent to various special treatment businesses for further processing
    • Output: glass, various metals, plastics, wood and circuit boards

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