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Activities in many countries

  • REMONDIS Electrorecycling has developed and implemented robust customer-oriented WEEE solutions in Germany, France, Austria and Poland which have proven to be a great success over the years – both for our customers and the environment. In addition to these, we have also concluded contracts with take-back schemes in Slovenia and the Netherlands. The appliances from Slovenia are recycled at our facility in Austria and those from the Netherlands at our centre in Lünen.

  • Each European country has drawn up its own individual legal framework. Being an international WEEE specialist, REMONDIS Electrorecycling knows all the differences and makes sure each and every one is taken into account!

  • The Dutch Wecycle take-back scheme

    • Wecycle guarantees top quality and environmentally sound recycling processes more

    • Wecycle organises the collection and recycling of electrical and electronic equipment and compact fluorescent lights on behalf of producers and importers. To ensure it recovers the largest possible volumes of appliances, Wecycle cooperates with local authorities, charities, shops, trading businesses, educational institutes, clubs and associations as well as private individuals.

ZEOS, our treatment partner in Slovenia

  • Further information can be found on the ZEOS website

  • ZEOS, ravnanje z elektrièno in elektronsko opremo, d.o.o., was set up by the leading manufacturers of electrical and electronic equipment in Slovenia as a national non-profit take-back system in June 2005. ZEOS has been cooperating successfully with the Ministry for Environment and Spatial Planning to establish a system that collects and recycles unwanted electrical and electronic equipment in accordance with the WEEE Directive.

  • Supporting you throughout Europe

    Do you export your products to other countries around the world? Then we’re the right company for you, too, as we offer international services! Why not contact us so that we can help you develop the best possible WEEE solution for your business.

Opening up new markets

  • REMONDIS Electrorecycling is always looking for new opportunities to transfer its technology and know-how to new markets – which is why we always keep a watchful eye on market developments around the world.

  • No matter where it operates, REMONDIS Electrorecycling always adheres to the highest of standards to protect human health and the environment

  • Independent operations: the advantages of working with REMONDIS Electrorecycling

    • Thanks to the state-of-the-art technology at our dismantling centres, we are able to develop ideal treatment strategies for the various types of WEEE – including the decontamination and pre-shredding of the equipment

    • No matter where in the world we may work for you: we guarantee that all activities will be managed by one central contact person and that a bespoke service package will be developed that meets your specific needs – from the collection and safe transport of the material, all the way through to systematic monitoring processes. Click here to learn more about our collection and recycling services

  • Implementing the WEEE Directive in Europe – a company you can rely on

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    REMONDIS Electrorecycling GmbH
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    T +49 2306 106507
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