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REMONDIS Electrorecycling

Legally compliant and customised concepts

REMONDIS Electrorecycling is one of just a handful of providers able to create cross-border take-back schemes that can handle large volumes of waste electrical and electronic equipment. Depending on the national laws, we either set up various take-back schemes to achieve this or cooperate with other take-back systems already established in the country – and for both household and non-household WEEE.

  • Transnational schemes in line with the WEEE Directive

    The European Commission sets out a number of provisions in its WEEE Directive which all member states and all producers and distributors operating in the countries must comply with.
    Such regulations include:

    • Setting up take-back schemes
    • Ensuring private consumers can hand in their WEEE free of charge
    • Collecting WEEE separately from other waste streams

    Besides these regulations, international producers and distributors must also comply with the many different national laws – which can be a huge legal and organisational challenge for them. REMONDIS Electrorecycling takes over these obligations on their behalf and fulfils them all – no matter how many European countries may be involved.

We provide exactly what you need

  • We can develop, set up and manage all kinds of producer-specific take-back schemes for your business – either for you alone or as a collective take-back scheme for a group of producers. A whole range of collection methods are possible.

  • We know what we’re doing: click here to read about some of our take-back schemes


  • We offer many different ways of collecting B2C equipment. No matter which way a household appliance is returned – be it via a kerbside collection system, a retailer or a municipal recycling centre – private individuals never have to pay for handing it in!


  • An agreement is drawn up either between the producer and the customer or the retailer and the customer. This regulates the costs involved when B2B appliances (i.e. appliances used for commercial purposes) need to be returned. Such appliances are normally picked up via a collection scheme – which REMONDIS Electrorecycling can also operate as a collective scheme on behalf of several different producers. We are also able to pick up individual pieces of equipment from customers.

    Appliances are picked up from the business premises via collection schemes. Business premises include industrial and commercial companies as well as public buildings and institutions

B2C and B2B: appliances under guarantee / subject to a complaint

  • Depending on the type of device and the agreements in place, damaged appliances still under guarantee or appliances customers have complained about are stored by the producers in wire mesh cages or containers. We then pick these up as and when required, send them on to be recycled and notify the producer of the volumes returned (for documentation purposes).

    Appliances still under guarantee or which customers have complained about are returned to the producers using a combination of drop-off and collection schemes

  • Safe and efficient

    • REMONDIS Electrorecycling sets up monitoring systems that comply with local laws – whilst always adhering to its comprehensive quality management system (DIN EN ISO 9001).

    • Besides drawing up reports on treatment methods and recycling rates, we always guarantee the highest levels of efficiency, environmentally sound processes and the most convenient services

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